Captain America: Civil War is the latest movie to make its way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and explosively shot its way up as one of my all time favourite superhero blockbusters. The film is arguably one of the best, and although many fans hold dear The Avengers for bringing all your favourite superheroes into one place, or Captain America: Winter Soldier for its incredibly compelling and powerful storyline, or even Guardians Of The Galaxy for being so playful and spectacular at the same time, Civil War will make its way into my favourites, for reigniting my fanboyism and fascination as a child, for making me giggle gleefully (and hyperventilate) as Team Iron man and Team Captain America were pit against each other, for my all time childhood favourite hero, Spider-man, being done justice, and for dropping my jaw at the powerfully portrayed finale.

Spoilers from this point on, up to the end. In fact, why are you on a Civil war review if you haven’t seen the movie yet? Go watch it!


For the entirety of this post, I’ll talk about what I loved, what gave me breathing difficulties, what made my friend and I constantly shove each other going ‘OH MY GOD ITS ____’ or ‘OH MY GOD THOSE BICEPS’, as well as the subtle touches that’d make any fan proud of Anthony and Joe Russo’s commitment to getting these films done right. Lets begin!

Also, I’ll talk about the things I loved other than the massive superhero brawl, because that doesn’t really need a discussion does it?

The Black Panther’s debut


“So I ask you, as both warrior and king, how long do you think you can save your friend from me?”

Chadwick Boseman’s utterance of those few words put me at ease knowing Marvel found a worthy cast of the Black Panther. A truly regal and fearsome king. His aura radiated dominance, his presence demanded to be felt, yet at the same time, he displayed composure, coolness, and patience, just as the Black Panther should.


From his debut on-screen appearance in his suit, the cinema was awestruck. He felt so powerful and vicious, with such a commanding gait, but looked so collected. He wanted revenge, ‘I will kill him myself’ but hadn’t driven himself insane to exact it. Each time he earned the opportunity to kill Bucky, he lashed ferociously, but when Bucky got away, he was always patient he would return.

However, apart from his imposing nature and exhilarating skirmishes, what caught my breath the most was how he was portrayed to feel like an actual panther. Silently observing the people around him, lurking and trailing Cap or the Iron Man, every time you almost forgot about him, the movie reminded you he was always watching. Preying, in fact.


I think what everyone appreciated the most was the fact that although his father died hours ago, while Stark’s parents died 20 years ago (and went into a wild rage after finding out Cap kept Bucky’s manslaughter a secret), T’Challa - after being presented with the opportunity to exact revenge on Zemo - put his vengeful warrior ego aside, and quickly adopted his kingly role. In a touch of genius, at the very last moment, in all his ascending royalty, he hits us with a powerful statement:

Vengeance has consumed you. It is consuming them. I am done letting it consume me.”


There and then did we all know, Chadwick masterfully depicted T’Challa, the Black Panther.

Another thing worth noting, there were indeed glimpses of his genius scientist self, the jet he flew was obviously his own, and his lab was shown post-credits.


Tom Holland’s marvelous Spider-Man


I’ll admit it, after seeing photos of Tom Holland announced as the cast for the new Spider-Man, I was pretty annoyed. I sort of liked the way Andrew Garfield was going, but this was Marvel’s cast, and they absolutely NAILED it.

With previous actors, you had to debate regarding Tobey’s nerdy nature which compensated for his God awkward Spider-man, while Andrew Garfield’s decent Spider-man compensated for his, ‘Too cool to be Peter Parker’ attitude. You were never wholly content, and had to fight for why you felt so and so actor was a good Spider man. But its safe to say that with Marvel, Spider man is in the right hands.


From the get-go I was giggling with glee, going ‘Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit’. Tom was SUCH a nerd, in the best way possible. Tomei, as Aunt May, wasn’t ridiculously old, and Tom was actually what, seventeen? Eighteen? They nailed that aspect increasingly well. Another point to note is Tom’s prevalent geekiness. SO GOOD. He made his own web-formula, his own suit, he had a retro set-up, it was all so good, it had me smiling and laughing uncontrollably.

Something else worth noting, Stark allowed Spidey to keep his gear, Tony just refined it a bit. That pleased me, and a lot of other fans, I bet. After all, he’s supposed to be a budding young scientist who loves his homework, and Tony treated him like one. Furthermore, the chemistry between Robert Downey and Tom is EXCELLENT. There’s constant jokes back and forth, oh and when he webs Tony to the door. GENIUS.


Fast forward to Tom’s Spiderman, YES YES YES, all around. He nailed the accent, nailed the one liners, nailed the witticism. He felt like a PG, toned down version of Deadpool, and he bossed the fight on the most part. It was a pleasure to behold, and the cinema cheered and hooted, and I’ll say it again, Marvel has worked wonders. Tom pulled the nerd out of Tobey, the wit out of Garfield, refined it and moulded it into his own. Finally, a Spider-Man worthy enough.

Some of my favourite liners include the Empire Strikes Back Hoth reference and ‘Woah you have a metal arm!? That is awesome dude!’. It was just so fun to watch. In fact, I can’t wait to see what Marvel does to him in the upcoming ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ film.


Ant Man’s fanboy-ism, jokes and alter-ego, Giant Man

I was fully expecting Spiderman to shine in the limelight, but Paul Rudd stole some of that spotlight. When he jumps out of the van, and sees Captain America for the first time, I realised ‘He’s fanboying like me right now.’ You could instantly resonate with Scott, because you would probably do the same if you’d met the actors in person. ‘I’m shaking your hand too long, this is awesome! Hey, I know you too, you’re great!’ I couldn’t help but smile and maybe think that I’d do the same, probably faint too.


When the big fight breaks down, Ant Man is instantly hilarious. His one liners are humorous, my favourite being the Finding Nemo inspired ‘It’s your conscience, we haven’t spoken in a while!’ While the other superheroes look badass spout sarcastic comments, Ant Man is just happy to be there, taking it all in, and fanboying as he plays along. Scott’s performance is a reminder that not all superheroes are professional badasses, and it’s a breath of fresh air.


When Ant-Man grows into his alter ego, Giant Man, he reacts how anyone else probably would:


My sides ached at that point. It was hilarious then on out, and when Spider-Man took him down, referencing ‘the really old movie’, the audience erupted in laughter.


Seriously, how does Marvel come up with these things?

Captain America vs Iron Man


You remember that scene in Batman vs Superman where he blocked Superman’s punch? If you didn’t see the trailers, I’m sure your jaw dropped right? Take that feeling, and you’ll get my reaction for the entire duration they fought. I was so shocked at the death of Tony’s parents, it reminded me that while Marvel can be really funny, they can turn on you in seconds. So picture me, sitting there, going ‘No freaking way’ and these two are slugging it out. The stakes truly feel high, Zemo wanted an empire to crumble, the best way was within. The relationship carved between Rodgers and Stark was always fragile after AoU, but they were amazing friends. That relationship was shaped up after two almost world ending fights. The stakes shouldn’t have felt this raised, the world wasn’t under threat, but a bond between two friends shattered.

The visual effects looked stunning here, and there were a lot of *gasp* moments. Like in Pixar movies when you’re extremely happy, then there’s a shocking turn, and then your happiness goes down the drain. Yeah, Marvel are taking notes.


The film was upto its emotional climax at this point, and where many fans expected Captain America to die like in the comics, there was a brief moment, Rodgers peeled off Stark’s mask, held his shield up high and, what felt like an unexpected turn for the worst, where most of us held our breath, Cap finally brought the shield down - on his chest. I breathed a sigh of relief at this point, it was too much to take in. What was hyperventilating and giggling in the beginning, became shocked, surprised expressions of disbelief at the end.

Chemistry between Superheroes

I’d like to bring up the Iron Man and Spiderman one again because it worked together so seamlessly. Its almost as if Tony and Peter required little to no effort to strike up their relationship, one where Tony is mentoring Parker. Tony encourages him, praises his creations, and wants to help him bud into a young genius. Their chemistry carries its way to the major fight, where Peter wants to impress, also pulling out lines like ‘Stark said you’d say that!’ Its nice to see.


Leaning towards one that made me uncomfortable for obvious reasons, The Vision and Scarlett Witch is one I didn’t believe could work, for obvious reasons. But it was happening before me. Vision, who couldn’t understand human emotion, went out of his way to make Wanda’s favourite dish that would lift her spirits, one with a ‘dash of paprika’. It was actually warming to see, and I honestly don’t know if it could work or not. Just hope it doesn’t end up like the comics...

A personal favourite has to be Bucky and Sam’s banter with each other. The scene in the beetle where Bucky asks Sam to move his seat up, only to be met with a resounding ‘no’ was absolutely hilarious. Another one is where Spidey webs the two of them up, and after the Falcon uses Redwing, his little drone, to send Spidey spiraling outside the building, Bucky asks Sam whether he could’ve done that earlier to which Sam says ‘I hate you.’ Its comedic moments like these that make people appreciate the chemistry Marvel tries to build between characters.


Even Hawkeye had moments that made me appreciate him more. His mentor relationship with Wanda, his ‘we’re still friends right?’ moment with Natasha. But also gets hilarious disrespect from two other superheroes, the Panther, and Ant Man. Clint introduces himself to the former to which he replies, ‘I don’t care’. Ouch. And the latter calls him ‘Arrow guy’ before being launched at Iron man. Its funny.

Bonus Moments

- Captain America pulling that helicopter down, that bicep damn.

- Ant Man’s Finding Nemo inspired ‘Im your conscience’.

- The gift Iron man gave Spidey during the second post credit scene.

- Wanda shooting Vision down several floors.

- Obligatory Star Wars reference

- T’Challa’s ‘Let them come’ at the post credit scene

- Bucky and Sam’s smile after Steve got someeeeee!

Overall, the movie was absolutely amazing. I haven’t discussed the 20 minute fight because do I really need to? Marvel’s Joe and Anthony Russo have done a splendid job at juggling each character, and giving everyone their fair bit of screen time. This will go down as one of my all time favourite movies for years to come. Next up, Suicide Squad!


What were your favourite moments in the movie?

Hi everyone! Its been far too long since I last posted, and that’s probably because I’ve been really busy with life. But here’s my next post! Thank you all in advance for reading!


- the barelyfanatical blog

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